SCRS is a "for-the-community, by-the-community" organization with continual input from the greater Somali community.  We value preserving cultural traditions while advancing each individual.

SCRS was formed in 1999 by a volunteer network of Somali refugees to directly respond to the needs of Somali refugee and immigrants, with a special emphasis on their personal capacity.  SCRS was established as a public charity agency with IRS501(c)(3) status in 2000.


“All refugees and immigrant family can thrive in an equitable world where they lead successful lives with personal responsibilities, economic independence and vitality .”

— Abudullahi (Sharif) Hared, executive Director


SCRS assisted newly arrived refugees from Somalia, and other East African countries who were rapidly settling in Southeastern Minnesota, particularly the Rochester area. In the aftermath of Somalia's government in 1991, the influx of Somali refugees increased and began to settle in the Faribault, MN area. SCRS then opened a second office in Faribault.


Our Mission

To promote and advance the social well being and welfare of its members by providing much needed community and resettlement services.


SCRS continues to assist refugee families to secure basic needs and resources for self-suffiency and to acclimate to a new way of life.

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We are committed to providing leadership and partnering with other in order to aid refugees and immigrants to strengthen capacity, create self-sufficiency, contribute to the economy and develop and preserve their culture while integrating into American society.

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