Somali Community Resettlement Services (SCRS) was formed in 1999 by a volunteer network of Somali refugees to directly respond to the needs of Somali refugee and immigrants, with an emphasis on personal capacity and thus ability to assist their children and families. SCRS was established as a public charity with IRS 503(c)(B) status under the advance ruling provision in 2000, and confirmed in 2004.  The SCRS office in Rochester assisted newly arrived refugees from Somalia and other East African countries. In 2000, SCRS opened a second office in Faribault. SCRS has assisted refugee families to secure basic needs and resources for self-sufficiency and to acclimate to a new way of life. 

In 2017, members of the Latinx Community approached SCRS and requested that resources and community services be provided to their community also.  While currently expanding services to the Latinx population, SCRS will promote and advance the social well-being and welfare of the community in need with the goal of building a vibrant community whose members can successfully settle and affectively integrate into the wider American community.  

In 2019, SCRS opened a third office in Minneapolis that serves immigrants and refugees in the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area.

Through careful planning, forming strategic partnerships, and taking advantage of opportunities, SCRS has become a solid, reliable, and productive organization that today meets the economic independence and self-determination needs of all immigrants and refugees.